Simple wrapper for the Expat XML parser.

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Simple wrapper for the Expat XML parser. Which had to be adjusted to use blocks instead of function pointer callbacks.


Updated to use Swift v0.2 (aka Xcode 6.3).

The project includes two targets:

  • SwiftyExpat
  • SwiftyExpatTests

I suggest you start by looking at the SwiftyExpatTests.


This is a tiny framework containing the modified Expat parser. Plus a small Swift class to make the API nicer, though this is not really necessary - the block based Expat is reasonably easy to use from Swift.

let p = Expat()
  .onStartElement   { name, attrs in println("<\(name) \(attrs)")       }
  .onEndElement     { name        in println(">\(name)")                }
  .onStartNamespace { prefix, uri in println("+NS[\(prefix)] = \(uri)") }
  .onEndNamespace   { prefix      in println("-NS[\(prefix)]")          }
  .onError          { error       in println("ERROR: \(error)")         }

The raw Expat API works like this:

var p = XML_ParserCreate("UTF-8")
XML_SetStartElementHandler(p) { _, name, attrs in println("start tag \(name)") }
XML_SetEndElementHandler  (p) { _, name        in println("end tag \(name)") }

XML_Parse(parser, "<hello/>", 8, 0)
XML_Parse(parser, "", 0, 1)

XML_ParserFree(p); p = nil

You get the idea ...


Just a tiny demo on how to invoke the parser.


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