Finally - The ARI made available the results of six months of hard work - right on GitHub: SwiftSockets!

OK ok, a minor part of that timeframe was spent lazily waiting for Swift, like 5 months and 25 days or so. Whatever, we are waiting for feedback!



let socket = PassiveSocket<sockaddr_in>(address: sockaddr_in(port: 4242))
  .listen(dispatch_get_global_queue(0, 0), backlog: 5) {
    println("Wait, someone is attempting to talk to me!")
    println("All good, go ahead!")

Important goals included:

  • Max line length: 80 characters
  • Use as many language features Swift provides, such as:
    • Left shift AND right shift
    • UCS-4 identifiers (🐔🐔🐔)
    • Tuples, with labels

Get all the details on the SwiftSockets GitHub Page.

Written on June 15, 2014