Swifter Indentation

' ': The final frontier. Where no one has gone before. Feel invited to get another glimpse on how Swifter is getting everything right. Today we are looking at the ' ' and beyond.

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HACK - Swift Module Development

Let’s say you want to develop a Swift thing on Linux. Instead of throwing everything in one big package, you would like to organize things in neat little separate packages.

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Updating to Zurb Foundation 6, not.

The Always Right Institute is being right in doing some of its websites using Zurb’s Foundation 5. Why? Well, we had a look at Bootstrap first and ended up pretty confused. Could it really be possible that the Twitter folks did not understand the cascading part in Cascading StyleSheets? Apparently. Maybe they fixed it in the meantime. Foundation looked pretty good and the HTML structure well organized.

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Testing Linux Swift 2.2 on MacOS via VirtualBox

So you are living on MacOS but you want to try the Linux port of Swift. What to do? Since the Swift Linux port doesn’t work on a Pi (buhh Apple! Even Windows 10 does!), the easiest way is to install Linux in a virtual machine. If you are anything like the people at the world renowned ARI - you refused to pay Parallels $50 just for the 10.11 update. So the ARI gave VirtualBox a try.

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Swifter tvOS sample code

A few more examples of tvOS Swifter code. Again, focus is on keeping selectors but removing static types as well as noize.

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Swifter Design

TL;DR: Swifter is the complete opposite of Swift. Instead of focusing on making everything C++-like vtably static, Swifter goes back to the rootz of Objective-C and makes everything dynamic.

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The ARI announces Swifter-Lang

In a bold move the Always Right Institute today announced Swifter. Swifter is a programming language in active development (not), which is wicked fast. It compiles swiftly and executes even swifter. Swifter promises to be the Objective-Z without the Z, but with a C.

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The Always Right Institute

The Always Right Institute has been established to encourage a culture of being right. As well as being right. Always. Definitely sometimes.

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